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CarX Street Android

CarX Street Android is eagerly anticipated for its upcoming release later this year, and its gameplay promises to set it apart from other games in the genre. Despite facing several delays, CarX Technologies is committed to delivering their latest creation to players soon.

CarX Tech has been actively updating fans on the development of Street, and the glimpses we've seen so far have been impressive. While specific gameplay mechanics have been confirmed, there's still excitement about potential features that could be revealed in the near future. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

Racing games, like CarX Street, are a popular genre of video games that revolve around driving and competing with various vehicles. These games often include simulations of cars, motorcycles, boats, and airplanes, pitting players against each other or computer-controlled opponents. Racing tracks can range from real-world circuits to imaginative fictional landscapes and open-world environments. Additionally, some racing games incorporate additional gameplay elements, such as car customization and role-playing aspects, enriching the overall experience.

Racing games offer versatility in terms of platforms, being playable on computers, consoles, and mobile devices, providing players with diverse options to indulge in their love for high-speed thrills. As the release of CarX Street draws near, fans eagerly await the chance to experience the excitement and exhilaration of this new racing adventure.

CarX Street Android Gameplay

CarX Street Android is undoubtedly poised to become one of the most comprehensive racing games ever created upon its launch. While other racing sims like Gran Turismo 7 prioritize realistic car mechanics, CarX Street Android goes beyond life behind the wheel, offering a diverse and immersive experience.

The game boasts an expansive map, featuring a wide array of vastly different environments to explore. Moreover, players will have the opportunity to own sections of the map, thanks to the inclusion of a real-estate feature.

A dynamic day-night cycle adds another layer of realism to CarX Street Android, allowing players to experience the world in different lighting conditions as they traverse the streets.

The game's car customization options have significantly improved since CarX Drift, giving players the freedom to personalize their vehicles according to their preferences. Additionally, CarX Street Android introduces a unique degradation system for car parts, a rarity in modern racing games.

Glimpses of drifting and the exhilarating nitrous boost system have been showcased, promising exciting gameplay moments for players to enjoy.

While a story mode hasn't been officially confirmed, the Clubs system hints at the possibility of a narrative-driven aspect, allowing players to join specific groups of racers within the game.

Car enthusiasts will have a wide selection of cars to choose from, catering to different tastes and driving styles. The AI in CarX Street Android showcases substantial improvement, demonstrating a higher level of intelligence compared to previous iterations.

Lastly, just like in the real world, players will need to manage their car's fuel, making pit stops to fill up to avoid running out of gas during intense races.

With its comprehensive and innovative features, CarX Street Android is set to deliver an unparalleled racing experience, catering to both avid racing enthusiasts and casual players alike.

Potential features and wishlist CarX Street Android

Since the initial confirmation of CarX Street Android, there has been ongoing speculation about the inclusion of police in the game. Given that players will be street racers, the possibility of attracting unwanted attention from law enforcement, similar to classic NFS games, has been a topic of interest. In response to community inquiries, CarX Tech addressed the matter, stating that while they couldn't provide a definitive answer at that moment, they indeed intend to implement police chases.

While the inclusion of cops is a priority for CarX Tech, no further updates on this subject have been shared since the Q&A session in December 2020.

Beyond the potential addition of police chases, there are several other features that players hope to see in the game upon its launch. One notable aspect is the possibility of fast travel within the vast world of CarX Street Android. With such a sizable open-world, the convenience of fast travel to safe houses could be beneficial, yet the joy of exploring the extensive world should not be overlooked.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that post-release, the game's incredible modding community has the potential to introduce various additions and enhancements to the gameplay. This dynamic community allows for endless possibilities in shaping and enriching the CarX Street experience.

As fans eagerly await the release of CarX Street Android, the potential for captivating gameplay, including police chases and other exciting features, keeps the anticipation high.

Ready to plunge into the world of night street racing? CarX Street Android

Embark on an exhilarating journey as you take the driver's seat and navigate through the sprawling city and its captivating surroundings. From bustling city streets to winding mountain serpentines and picturesque coastal highways, the world of CarX Street Android awaits your exploration.

Test your skills in heart-pounding races against real online players, where drifting, speed, and traffic mastery will set you apart as the ultimate racer.

Unleash your creativity and build your dream car with meticulous tuning options that tap into the full potential of "CarX Technology," enhancing the car's behavioral physics.

We're excited to share our vision with you – our aim is to create a fully immersive world of street racing for all our players.

As we strive to meet the highest standards of quality for this project, a little more time is needed to exceed your expectations. Your unwavering support and valuable feedback drive us to deliver the best possible experience.

Rest assured, we'll keep you updated on the development progress and exciting innovations that will shape the world of CarX Street Android. Together, let's make this street racing adventure a remarkable and unforgettable one.

Best regards CarX Street Android Team.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Sunset City racing clubs, a place where townspeople fear them, the police envy their cars, and city hall despises their presence.

Enter the realm of the Wild Juniors club, a community of devoted Asian culture enthusiasts. Fusing Asian wisdom with youthful excitement, the racers of Wild Juniors boast an unmatched balance, making them formidable adversaries on the streets of Sunset City.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of night street racing? Take the wheel and behold the vast open world that lies before you. Drift, speed, navigate through traffic, and challenge rival racers to become the ultimate champion!

Experience the dynamic and open world of CarX Street Android, where you'll feel the true essence of a free-spirited street racer. Embrace the challenge and carve your name into Sunset City's legends. Engage in realistic races on autobahns and city streets, indulging in high-speed drift competitions from the creators of CarX Drift Racing 2.

Craft your dream car with intricate tuning, harnessing the full potential of "CarX Technology" and its advanced behavioral physics.

Explore every street, for the vast world of CarX Street Android and its exhilarating car races will leave no one untouched! Conquer the clubs, push your limits to the maximum, and master the art of cornering.

But remember, this captivating game can be time-consuming. Take care of yourself and remember to take a break every 40 minutes. Enjoy the thrill responsibly!

GAME FEATURES CarX Street Android


  • Ride at top speed or drift around corners – the choice is yours!
  • Join clubs, defeat bosses and prove to everyone that you are the best racer in this city!
  • Carefully select parts for your car – they are the ones that will allow you to reveal the car’s abilities by 100%!
  • Buy houses for your cars and collect a collection for any race mode
  • At the gas stations of the city you can refuel with gasoline for the desired arrival
  • Dynamic change of day. Get behind the wheel at any time of the day or night


  • Detailed car constructor system
  • Change parts and customize the car for a specific race
  • Upgrade the engine, gearbox, body, suspension and wheels
  • Swap the engines of your unique car


  • Change mirrors, headlights, lights, sills, bumpers, rims and more!
  • Create a unique image of your car


  • Experience polished physics and controls that allow you to take full control of the car.
  • Enjoy modern high-quality graphics and the huge scale of the game world

CarX Street Android Release Date

Mark your calendars, as the highly anticipated release of CarX Street Android is set for the global launch on December 15, 2022. Even before the official launch, players will have the exciting opportunity to experience the closed beta of the game, with further details to be announced in the upcoming months.

CarX Street Android promises an immersive experience, bringing together lifelike physics, eye-catching graphics, and adrenaline-pumping driving on traffic-filled roads. This unique blend of features sets CarX Street Android apart, offering players a thrilling and captivating gameplay experience. Get ready to hit the streets and embark on an unforgettable journey through the world of CarX Street Android!


Immerse yourself in the world of street racing.

  • Check out Texas deserts, visit Australia, France or Russia. A number of countries are there on your way to success.
  • Divulge activities of secret organizations and destroy Winston’s empire
  • Find out what the Syndicate is after and knock down their plans before it’s too late
  • Make new friends who can help you in your endeavors


Select from pickup trucks to hypercars.

  • 40 sports cars are awaiting your command: sports classic, regular vehicles, muscle cars and powerful supercars.


Feel the power drive at your fingertips.

  • Well tuned physics will allow you to feel every horsepower of the car of your choice.
  • Adjust your vehicle to make sure it drives the way you want it
  • No other game can give you the kind of emotions you’ll experience with CarX Street Android


Show others what you’ve got.

  • Compete with other players for the first place
  • Move up to the next league by winning
  • New competitors and challenges are awaiting you every season


You won’t get bored.

  • Select Time Attack, race to stay in the pack or complete your run without a scratch


Bring the law back on the road.

  • Become Police and restrain lawlessness on the road. Catch offenders before they get lost.
  • Scare all criminals with the roar of your engine and sound of your sirene


It’s your chance to get a unique car.

  • Take part in different events and receive unique cars


Feel the freedom of unrestrained driving.

  • Unlimited mode which will allow you to enjoy driving without having to flee or follow


  • Day/Night mode: drive around Paris in the evening or blow dust of night Texas roads
  • Flee from police: patrol cars will keep the thrill until you cross the finish line

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