Codename Jump

Codename Jump

Step into this anime mobile game, take your adventure in this massive open world fulfilled with many familiar faces of Dragon Ball, dive into the fast-paced action battles.

About Codename Jump

Codename Jump is a 2D anime multiplayer MOBA about fierce combats, an immersive storyline, and familiar faces in the Dragon Ball cartoon series. 

Hotblooded Cartoon Characters

This new Dragon Ball Z MOBA game includes Goku and many jump protagonists! A diverse range of hot anime characters await you to unlock. Each one of them has unique skills and abilities. Navigate your favorite character to explore the vast map, travel across different locations and scenarios, interact with NPCs to gather more info and experience the deep storyline.

Epic Duels for fun

If the classic 5v5 multiplayer game mode can not satisfy you, the duels mode may be a good choice. Invite random online players to join you to compete in the black duels mode or challenge your friends to have an intense duel fight.

Fast-paced Action Gameplay

Combats can be very quick in this game! If you prefer quick action gameplay, Codename Jump will demand all your needs. Pick your favorite anime character and control your avatar to fight an epic battle within minutes.

A Complex Narrative with Twists And Turns

Twists and turns are fulfilled throughout the whole game in which many options are given. But be aware when you make your decision. Different decisions could lead to different results. 

In Codename Jump, players must traverse across 3D platform levels, using their reflexes and agility to complete the course in the fastest time. Players have to use their special abilities such as wall jumping and double jumping to avoid or destroyed numerous obstacles such as pits, enemy robots and rotating platforms. Also, energy boosts and coins can be collected throughout each level which can be used for purchasing upgrades for your character's abilities.

Currently, Codename Jump is only accessible in China, but don't worry, the work is still in progress, and the global launch date is not announced yet. Thus Dragon Balls MOBA game fans may need to wait for a while.

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